With a talented restraint and strong commitment to the art of comic storytelling, this writer-illustrator duo weave ambitious, challenging narratives that are accomplished through a practiced minimalist style. Writer Jeff Guarino's ability to unpack grand and complex themes through the individual voices of strikingly human characters is vividly depicted by Dean Westerfield's earnest, detailed illustrations. Never afraid to shine an observant eye on taboo images such as birth, aging, sexuality, or the human body, we get a vision of human beings at their most vulnerable, and also at their most interdependent. Through this, the stories are as emotionally hypnotic as they are intellectually stimulating, and lead us to question the ultimately humanistic dimensions of our largest themes—society, religion, loneliness, love, family, history, and death. You can always find them drinking coffee, drawing comix, and endlessly discussing pretty much all things.

~Steven T. Bramble, author of Disposable Thought and Grid City Overload